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3 Year Guarantee

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We are confident that all our clocks and barometers represent good value for money in that they are fully restored prior to sale and carry a three-year guarantee.  New parts are only used where absolutely necessary, every effort being made to retain as much of the original as possible.  

Movements are dismantled and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked for wear.  If any wear is found this is removed before reassembly, oiling and testing.  If replacement parts are needed, we generally make these by hand.  We will never just replace a part (e.g. a broken spring) without the full dismantling, cleaning and checking process.  This ensures that we give our customers the best possible service by correcting any other deficiencies while the clock is dismantled.  It is also the only basis on which we can provide a three-year guarantee.

The most common material for clock cases is wood.  Over the years, wood whatever its finish is affected by a range of factors and develops a special quality called the patina. Overenthusiastic restoration can easily destroy this patina; a finish that can never be put back. Our aim is always to retain the special qualities of the original.

Brass is also used extensively either for added decoration or, in the case of carriage clocks, as the principal case material.  Following cleaning, brass surfaces are given a thin coat of lacquer which protects them against tarnishing.  Dials are made in a wide variety of materials.  Some of these are restored in-house while others, requiring highly specialised skills and equipment, are sent to established professionals with whom we have a close working relationship.

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